‘DIE-ALOGUE: a true crime conversation’ talks to true crime hosts far and wide about the details that didn’t make it to their shows

True Crime April 13, 2022
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Rebekah Sebastian is opening the “DIE-ALOGUE” on true crime with guests in weekly podcast episodes. This series leaves out gory details and instead focuses on the compelling intersection of cases and criminal justice in conversations with lawyers, authors, survivors, and more. Episodes “kill the small talk” and explore true crime’s tropes, the ethics of true crime content, and learn from experts’ points of view.

If you’re a diehard true crime podcast listener, you might recognize Rebekah from her other shows, “Criminality” and “YELLOW TAPE: a true crime trivia show.” “DIE-ALOGUE” has been alive and kicking since 2019, with over 140 episodes to stream. Episodes are grouped by themes to start in sequential order, like the recent episodes on narratives not covered by mainstream outlets on “Missing, Murdered + The Media.”

In this sequence, a professor, a journalist, and creators joined Rebekah to share their perspectives on the media’s imbalance when covering cases involving people of color. Rebekah recently told Podsauce that part of the reason why this podcast exists is to bring awareness to under-reported stories, see if we can learn anything to apply in the future, and potentially generate new leads for unsolved cases.

This week was Rebekah’s second time on Podsauce. She believes humans are infatuated with death and says the true crime genre gives people a safe way to explore atrocities and hear stories of human resilience and devastation.

On another multi-part, themed episode arc, Rebekah and her friend/podcast collaborator, Javier Levia, investigated “The Business of Cults.” They researched how cults start, evolve, outline succession plans, and if cults adapt any practices from regular businesses – or vice versa. Rebekah and Javier suited up and went into the field to research and visit businesses with known ties to cults.

The hosts interviewed cult experts Rick Alan Ross and Dr. Janja Lalich, former NXIVM member Sarah Edmondson, journalists, cult survivors, and more. They learned about tax-exempt religious sects, like Scientology, that are recognized by the IRS.

In other episodes, Rebekah is joined by a slew of fellow podcasters like Jake Halpern (“Mob Land”), Sam Walker (“American Vigilante“), Justine van der Leun (“Believe Her“), and Nick Emel (“10ish Podcast“). In October 2021, ABC News correspondent and “The Dropout” host Rebecca Jarvis filled Rebekah in on Elizabeth Holmes’ trial. Nicki Weisensee Egan, journalist, author, and host of “Chasing Cosby” talked about first breaking the Cosby story in 2005, with allegations going back to the 1960’s, with over 60 accusers.

This podcast is a unique take on true crime with insightful and informative conversations each episode. Tune in for new, weekly episodes on your favorite podcast streaming platform.

Listen to ‘DIE-ALOGUE: a true crime conversation’

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