‘Eternals’: 5 podcast episodes all about Marvel Cinematic Universe’s latest release

TV & Film November 12, 2021

Eternals is the latest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The story is set in a world after Avengers defeated Thanos in 2019’s Endgame, and the plot follows empowered immortals who’ve enmeshed their lives with humans for over 7,000 years. If you’re Marvel-savvy, you’re familiar with the Eternals’ welding abilities, which their creators have forbidden them to use during battles. The Eternals’ mission is to save humanity, and they intervene to protect the planet from the Deviants.

Podsauce has rounded-up several podcast episodes all about Eternals. There’s an episode interviewing Eternals’ writers, episodes with panel discussions, film analysis, and honest reviews. One episode contemplates if Marvel is too big to fail. Check out our complete Eternals podcast episode round-up below:

Hero Nation

Listen to ‘Ryan and Kaz Firpo on Eternals’ on ‘Hero Nation’

Screenwriters and cousins Ryan and Kaz Firpo joined “Hero Nation” hosts Dominic Patten and Anthony D’Alessandro to chat all about “Eternals.” The writers explained their unlikely journey to Hollywood and what it was like to write a different kind of Marvel film, considering Eternals a “10-year overnight success.” This episode explores how Eternals characters were selected, why some were left out of the screenplay, and if a sequel is in the works. Ryan and Kaz chatted about working with screenwriter Patrick Burleigh and director Chloé Zhao. This Deadline podcast is a fab, weekly resource for entertainment news.

Culture Gabfest

Listen to ‘Culture Gabfest: Eternals Return of the Same’

In this episode of Slate’s “Culture Gabfest,” Steve Metcalf and Dana Stevens host a panel chat about Eternals. Steve said this episode is a rarity, since the podcast likes to avoid discussing Marvel films. They’re joined by Slate alum and The New York Times columnist Jamelle Bouie. The panel engaged in a discussion about the cast, filmmaker/director Chloé Zhao, inclusivity, and how the Marvel franchise continues to monetize amidst Eternals‘ initial box office struggles. They also unpack how the brand keeps their films fresh. Later in the episode, the co-hosts discussed Critical Race Theory and the TV show Succession.

Raiders of the Lost Podcast

Listen to ‘Raiders of the Lost Podcast’

The film commentary podcast, “Raiders of the Lost Podcast,” was highlighted by Podsauce host Dax on a previous episode of our show. In this episode of “Raiders of the Lost Podcast,” twin brother hosts James and Anthony Deveney explored the Eternals saga with spoilers after seeing it at an IMAX theater. They discussed the film’s diverse casting that spotlights international cultures. At points, for James and Anthony, Eternals did not feel like a traditional Marvel film since it navigated into weighty topics like humanity. This is the first Marvel film with a sex scene and openly gay characters.

The Ringer-Verse

Listen to ‘Eternals Instant Reactions With Kumail Nanjiani | The Midnight Boys’ on ‘The Ringer-Verse’

The Midnight Boys Van Lathan and Charles Holmes, landed back in “The Ringer-Verse” to review Eternals. Around the 66-minute mark, Eternals actor Kumail Nanjiani joined the Midnight Boys for a Q&A session. Fun fact: Kumail did his own stunts while playing Kingo, a character who is a Bollywood film star on Earth. The Midnight Boys debated the possibility of an Eternals sequel, and the hosts were surprised by appearances by actors like Harry Styles in the film.

The Big Picture

Listen to ‘Eternals’ Is a Big Miss. But Is Marvel Too Big to Fail?’ on ‘The Big Picture’

Host Sean Fennessey was joined by guests to unpack the film in under 90 minutes. Joanna Robinson stopped by to explore Eternals‘ shortcomings and what this might mean for Marvel’s future releases. They wondered if Marvel simply cannot fail at this point and sprinkled in a few spoilers. Later on in this episode, Joanna Hogg discussed her film, The Souvenir Part II.

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