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TV & Film November 23, 2021
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If you’re out on the road / feeling lonely, and so cold / all you have to do is… travel to Stars Hollow on the podcast, “I Am All In with Scott Patterson” and relive your favorite Gilmore Girls moments. Scott played the beloved, grumpy diner owner Luke Danes on Gilmore Girls for all of the show’s seven seasons. For the first time, Scott is watching all episodes of Gilmore Girls since the show wrapped in 2000 and sharing behind-the-scenes deets, analyzing episodes, and answering questions.

So far, “I Am All In with Scott Patterson” has released over 40 episodes, averaging ninety minutes long. There are minisodes under 30 minutes in length that review movies watched by characters on the show such as Rosemary’s Baby. Other short episodes feature bite-sized interviews with cast members. If you’re a super-fan of the show, feel free to drop into any episode, since you already know what is going to unfold. Although, we recommend starting from the beginning of the series, so you’ll be fully up to speed with Gilmore Girls’ drama and Scott’s reactions from episode one.

Gilmore Girls starred Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel as the BFF mother-daughter duo, Lorelai and Rory. The show was known for its rapid-fire, witty banter filled with culture references where episodes dealt with complicated family dynamics, relationships, money, and more, set in a fictional Connecticut suburb.

The podcast’s title refers to the Gilmore Girls episode where Lorelai and Luke finally start dating and he admits he is “all in” on their relationship.

In the podcast, we’ll learn if Scott is Team Jess or Team Logan, favorite moments, and behind-the-scenes stories from cast and crew on how they created a universe that its cult following still gravitates toward today. On a recent episode of the podcast, listeners heard from wardrobe designer Brenda Maben on how she selected Luke’s casual backwards baseball cap/flannel-wearing aesthetic and more.

On previous episodes, Milo Ventimiglia shared memories about playing Luke’s nephew, Jess. Michael Winters stopped by to chat about his mayor and supermarket owner role, Taylor Doose, also Luke’s arch enemy. Yanic Truesdale kicked off the series and shared his time playing Michel Gerard, Lorelai’s colleague at the inns they managed. On the podcast’s third episode, Sean Gunn chatted about his time playing the town oddball, Kirk, and how his kooky character was permanently written into the show after he was supposed to only appear on the first few episodes.

We’ll also hear from megafans, like designer/author/TV personality Isaac Mizrahi, on what the show means to them. In August, Scott attended a Gilmore Girls fan convention in Connecticut and answered fans’ questions on the podcast. The band 98 Degrees joined Scott on an episode and shared how Gilmore Girls helped their families through quarantine.

This podcast is a nostalgia trip, and Scott plans to tackle all 154 episodes of the TV show and the four-part reboot from 2016. It’s great listen this time of year, since there are lots of holiday episodes and winter seems to be a popular rewatch time on Netflix.

Check out new, weekly episodes of “I Am All In with Scott Patterson.”

Listen to ‘I Am All In with Scott Patterson’

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