Frenemies for life: ‘Brooke and Connor Make a Podcast’ combines the weirdness, hilarity, and hot takes of the two social media stars

Comedy March 4, 2022
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And thank goodness they did. “Brooke and Connor Make A Podcast” is getting back to the basics of podcasting but with a little bit of a twist: instead of two best friends sitting down and chatting, it’s two frenemies tolerating each other on microphones. But, Brooke and Connor are more than just frenemies: they are also comedians. And “Brooke and Connor Make A Podcast” is destined to be your new podcast obsession.

A brand new podcast hot off the press, this duo’s endeavor premiered earlier this year, so they only have a smattering of episodes out. Episodes so far have extended just past an hour a piece.

Together, the two are talking all things pop culture and just a little bit of tech, since Connor used to work for Bumble when it was just a start up. The two have a lot of opinions on shows like Euphoria, TikTok trends and popular TikTokers, the Kardashians, Love Is Blind, and more. If you don’t know the two, both have gone viral on various social media platforms for their hilarious videos.

In their most recent episode, the two shared hot takes sent in from listeners and also shared some of their own personal spicy opinions. Brooke took some big swings, telling us that she actually prefers Chipmunk-ified versions of songs better than original versions. Connor thinks this could be used against her in a court of law. She also doesn’t think adult men should have blonde hair – except maybe Pete Davidson (and even then, it’s bleached blonde so it’s totally different) and that egg salad is the greatest culinary achievement of the modern world. Also, Succession isn’t that good. Make of that list what you will.

The two are also former roommates, only adding to their hilarious chemistry. Their combined sense of humor is such that it’s honestly difficult to tell when they’re being genuine and when they’re not, which ends up being an added delight. They genuinely had us chuckling to ourselves in our earbuds, which made us look a little crazy.

Besides sharing completely wild hot takes, they’ve actually gone very in depth on the second season of Euphoria, so much so that they’ve had to back off a little. They also talk about niche internet celebrities (and what it’s like to be one), share their origin stories/how they met, give dating advice that would be questionable to follow, and share what’s on each other’s TikTok FYPs. They also recently had on musician/YouTuber Kelsey Kreppel, who talked about her engagement to YouTuber Cody Ko, the Super Bowl, and her career as a preschool teacher prior to YouTube.

Be sure to check out “Brooke and Connor Make A Podcast.” You’ll genuinely be wishing they released episodes more than once a week. We can’t wait to hear more from them.

Listen to ‘Brooke and Connor Make A Podcast’

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