‘Jersey Belle’ shares unfiltered takes on ‘Let’s Tawk with Jaime Primak Sullivan’

Society & Culture June 18, 2022
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Listen to ‘Let’s Tawk with Jaime Primak Sullivan’

New Jersey’s own Jaime Primak Sullivan is going to tawk. We’re not talking talk, we’re tawking tawk, FYI! “Let’s Tawk with Jaime Primak Sullivan” is back for a new season. In episodes, Jaime and her assistant, Jaxon, share takes on work, relationships, parenting, marriage, and life.

The hosts embrace the world’s ever-evolving culture and how it forms our lives. Jaime will chat about her own life, too, personal journal-style, riffing with her own brand of humor. She hopes the series is like the “virtual best friend you always wish you had when you needed them.”

Start this Lemonada podcast in any order, with the average episodes running under 45 minutes each. Since 2020, “Let’s Tawk with Jaime Primak Sullivan” has been going strong with over 40 episodes and counting.

This season, tune in for an episode on imposter syndrome. Jaime says she questions her worthiness, and as she continuously achieves, she finds herself overlooking the successes she’s had. Jaime shared her candid struggles with imposter syndrome and unpacks why she, and so many women, feel like this. Jaxon shared that this is not an issue he has and we hear why.

On the “Invasive Curiosity” episode, Jaime examines why people think they deserve private details of celebrities’ lives. They discuss what’s different in terms of what we want to know about famous people and everyday civilians.

Previous episodes covered body dysmorphia, aging, narcissists, faith, sexuality, and grief. In “Cutting Ties,” therapist Melanie Storrusten discussed society’s interpretations of family bonds, family estrangement, and abandonment – topics that hit close to home for Jaime. Psychiatrist, addiction specialist, and “In Recovery” podcast host Dr. Nzinga Harrison joined an episode to discuss addictions and compulsive behaviors, and Jaime learned new perspectives.

Jaime wrote/produced the Cawfee Tawk Facebook series and starred in Bravo’s docuseries, Jersey Belle, among other projects.

Jaime wants to hear you tawk, too! You can leave a voicemail at 833-453-6662. Tune in for new episodes of “Let’s Tawk with Jaime Primak Sullivan,” wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Listen to ‘Let’s Tawk with Jaime Primak Sullivan’

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