Joey Kidney tackles mental health topics and shares coping tools in ‘The Happy Times’

Health & Fitness February 15, 2022
The Happy Times
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Joey Kidney shares tips to cope with life’s challenges and experiences on the mental health and wellness podcast “The Happy Times.” In episodes, Joey hopes to lead listeners to happier times with tools for managing anxiety, depression, and more with personal anecdotes that might be relatable for listeners.

Start the series in any order, with over 130 topical episodes to choose from. With the average episode running under 25 minutes long, find uplifting takes on subjects like love, feeling alone, losing a best friend, feeling guilt, listening to your gut, dating, getting through the pandemic, and more.

In a recent Health is Wealth segment of Podsauce, Alesha shared “The Happy Times” as her podcast pick. Alesha is an advocate for mental health and likes recommending podcasts like “The Happy Times” to add some variety to all the Murder Most Foul true crime picks she’s shared. Alesha listened to the episode titled, “Listen to this if you feel alone in a crowded room” and could totally relate. In the episode, Joey shared that he feels like he’s sometimes not outgoing enough or blends in like a wallflower and shared stories to change listeners’ mindsets.

Dax and Alesha think this series will resonate with listeners going through challenges and looking for grounding tools in times like the global pandemic. Alesha also listened to the “Listen to this if you want to feel better when you’re alone” episode that discussed balancing spending time with loved ones with time alone, empathy, feeling drained, self-love, learning to say no, and more.

A recent episode covered what to do if you’re suffering from Imposter Syndrome. Joey learned about it two years ago from his therapist and shares his struggles with Imposter Syndrome. Episodes from 2021 shared tools for pulling yourself out from a slump, feeling ignored, and what to do if you wake up feeling bad every day – just to name a few topics.

If you’re wondering what do with a fake friend, Joey has recommendations for people pleasers, if someone is draining your energy, or if a friend is not texting you back. There are many love-themed episodes including “Listen to this if you can’t find love again,” “Listen to this if you are going through a breakup,” “The hardest part about falling in love,” and “Why you keep falling in love with the wrong people.”

There are interesting episodes on physical vs. emotional empaths. In the “Why I am always tired & you might be too” episode from 2020, Joey shared that he gets very tired from 2PM-5PM and further opens the conversation on empathy and energy levels. Some episodes are live-streamed on Twitch, like “Why you need to change your life.”

Tune in for new, semimonthly episodes of “The Happy Times,” wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Listen to ‘The Happy Times’

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