Mandii B, WeezyWTF, and guests are making their private lives public on the (very racy) ‘WHOREible Decisions’

Comedy March 30, 2022
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The Black Effect Network’s “WHOREible Decisions” is a comedy podcast getting real about sex and life with hosts Mandii B and WeezyWTF. They’re joined by guests like celebrities, couples, doctors, pornstars, doms, subs, activists, entrepreneurs, and more to dish on their sex lives and kinks. Listeners are invited to share their “heaux mail or heaux tales” with the show to be included in future episodes.

Since 2017, “WHOREible Decisions” has released over 270 episodes. With the average conversation lasting under 90 minutes, stream the series in any order.

Comedian Wellie Jackson joined the hosts in a recent episode of “WHOREible Decisions” to discuss toxicity, standards, and actions. Limitless Luxe LS’ founders, T and Mel, explained their role in bringing Black high protocol luxury dining to the kink space. They talked about the Black kink community and what one can expect at a formal erotic dining experience. In this episode, they learned about “Dollification.”

Mandii B and WeezyWTF chatted with the real Zola from the Twitter-inspired film. She dished on her stripper experiences and sex work. The hosts attended last year’s premiere event and enjoyed hearing Zola’s interview with Angela Yee. Zola explained why she called out certain people who worked on the film and shared what it was like to have scenes based on actual events. Zola the film was nominated for several Independent Spirit Awards, and Taylour Paige snagged the Best Female Lead award. Joi McMillon won for Best Editing.

There are episodes on sex tips, toys, and traditions around the world. On a recent episode titled “Sex, Science & Aerosols,” they discussed farts, NFTs, and unpacked scientific studies like sex’s effect on women’s brains and if diet can impact performance. They’ll also share advice for breakups and relationships.

The hosts also talk to fellow podcasters like Rory & Mal and the hosts from “Girls Gotta Eat.” Eboni K. Williams from “Holding Court” joined an episode last year to dish on dating, her ex-fiancé, and juicy college memories.

Tune in Mondays for new episodes of “WHOREible Decisions,” and they also post video versions on YouTube.

Listen to ‘WHOREible Decisions’

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