Kings, queens, and everyone in between: ‘Not Just The Tudors’ explores one of the most fascinating periods in human history

History June 8, 2022
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Like the title says, “Not Just The Tudors” is not just about the famed history of the dynastic House of Tudor, but it’s not not about them, you know? In this brilliant history podcast, Professor Suzannah Lipscomb explores the vast history of the Tudor period, and not just the famous/infamous monarchs whose names we all know. With the help of historians and experts, this History Hit podcast takes us through one of the most fascinating eras in human history.

“Not Just The Tudors” is just over one year old in the podcasting scene. Stream over 120 episodes of this podcast in any order. New episodes are released Sundays and Wednesdays and range from 30 to 60 minutes long.

Complete with enthralling stories, lively guest experts, and immersive audio production, “Not Just The Tudors” is thoughtful, intelligent, and entirely engrossing. Dispel the many myths of the ill-fated Anne Boleyn before diving into the story of Pietro Torrigiano, the man who broke Michelangelo’s nose in a fist fight.

Travel across the pond to hear about the founding of Jamestown and the true story of Matoaka, better known to us as Pocahontas. Or hear how humans have been marveling at the boundless beauty of Granada for centuries. Learn about the history of same-sex marriage in 16th century Rome or hear how the Spanish monarchy changed the world in 1492.

Each episode is beautifully produced. Between its immersive sound design and Professor Lipscomb’s ability to weave enthralling stories from meticulous research, there are few other history podcasts that have reached this caliber.

Plus, throughout the month of June, every episode of “Not Just The Tudors” will be focusing on the history of Queenship throughout the Tudor era in honor of Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee. In her first episode this month, she spoke with Dr. Michelle Beer to talk about the power Queens and specifically Queen consorts (the wife of a reigning King) in comparison to their Queen regnant (female monarch like Queen Elizabeth II) or Queen regent (guardian of a child monarch) counterparts.

By looking at the lives of Margaret Tudor, Queen of Scotland, and Catherine of Aragon, the two enlighten us about just how much power that wives of Kings wielded even in the 15th century.

Especially as the United Kingdom celebrates and reckons with the Queen’s 70-year rule, “Not Just The Tudors” provides us with incredible context from the past. This podcast goes far beyond the obvious topics to cover a vast range of histories that have been overshadowed in the centuries that succeeded them. Every history buff should be tuning into “Not Just The Tudors.”

Listen to ‘Not Just The Tudors’

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