Amazon’s rise to popularity, famous TikTokers, and more: 5 podcasts to check out over the next few days

round up March 11, 2022

Congratulations on making it to the weekend! We have hand-picked this special selection of podcasts for you to indulge in this weekend. We’ve got some podcasts inspiring us to make all the money we can, television podcasts to check out in case you binged Love Is Blind too quickly, and a true crime podcast that will keep you on your toes till the very end.

Tune into a comedy fiction podcast that’s sure to set your mind ablaze, or check out the newest season of “Foundering: The Amazon Story” to hear a little more about how Bezos earned his billions. Check out our picks for you below:

Diversifying podcast art


Listen to ‘Diversifying’

Let’s get our budgets balanced this weekend with “Diversifying.” Host Delyanne Barros, who you may know as @delyannethemoneycoach on TikTok, made this podcast for anyone who feels like the financial system is against them. She and guests are talking all things personal finance and pulling yourself out of bad situations. From student loans to crippling debt, she’s just getting started on her new podcast “Diversifying.”

Too Long; Didn’t Watch

Listen to ‘Too Long; Didn’t Watch’

Rolling Stone Chief TV Critic Alan Sepinwall watches only the pilot and finale of über-popular and groundbreaking television series with celebrity guests. In what other podcast can you hear Jon Hamm watch the first and last episode of Gossip Girl and guess what happens in the numerous episodes in between? In “Too Long; Didn’t Watch,” hear actors assume what happened in shows they’ve never seen. Hear Kumail Nanjiani watch Veronica Mars, Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally watch My So-Called Life, and most admirably, hear Alison Brie try to guess what could possibly happen to get Game of Thrones through its first and last episodes.

Classified podcast art


Listen to ‘Classified’

If you’re looking for something to binge this weekend, check out the new comedy fiction podcast “Classified.” In QCODE’s series, assassin Ivan Harris is undergoing treatment at Ravenholm Institute – although he thinks he’s perfectly sane. But the enigmatic Doctor Bell believes Ivan to be delusional and must continue his treatment plan of painful procedures, therapy, and full time surveillance. The cunning Ivan has a different plan though, and with the help of fellow patients devises his escape.

Foundering: The Amazon Story

Listen to ‘Foundering: The Amazon Story’

The newest season of “Foundering” is honing in on the (now second) richest man in the world and the idea that shot him to billionaire-dom. “Foundering: The Amazon Story” is looking into the tech giant that revolutionized online shopping and now wields unprecedented power. “Foundering” focuses on different high-stakes drama from the technology industry, and Jeff Bezos and Amazon have that drama in spades.

Do You Know Mordechai?

Listen to ‘Do You Know Mordechai?’

Mordechai Horowitz seemed perfect. He was smart, wealthy, and deeply sensitive. He was a single dad with a ranch in Shadow Hills, California but was also working as an instructor and resident artist for a Toronto art school. After her friend Arya’s bad divorce, Kathleen Goldhar was so happy her friend find someone so wonderful. But an unexpected knock on her doorstep one January night changed everything she thought she knew about this man. Listen to this wild saga from start to finish in “Do You Know Mordechai?”

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