‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ stars Rob McElhenny, Charlie Day, and Glenn Howerton riff on ‘The Always Sunny Podcast’

TV & Film November 23, 2021
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“The Always Sunny Podcast” is all about FX’s TV show, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, hosted by stars Rob McElhenney, Charlie Day, and Glenn Howerton. The three met while working on the sitcom that first aired in 2005 and will continue into its fifteenth season on December 1, 2021. In the rewatch podcast, the hosts will chat about the episodes, characters, and share stories from set.

The hosts play on a long-seeded dynamic, rooted in shared experiences and friendship, similar to “SmartLess,” where Jason Bateman and Will Arnett met on Arrested Development. But instead of interviewing different guests, “The Always Sunny Podcast” conversations are centric to the TV show.

The conversation organically flows amongst the hosts and they are happy to share that the podcast is totally unstructured. They wonder if in future episodes, a format will take shape. With the episodes posted so far, Rob, Charlie, and Glenn have so many memories to recount, that it’s super easy to listen to.

In the first episode, Charlie, Glenn, and Rob explored the moment where everything clicked and filming became fun. They shared how different the series became when Danny DeVito joined the cast for the second season. The hosts explored the characters’ terrible behavior, how their acting changed over time, beer sponsorships, and writing process. Charlie, Rob, and Glenn explained how they met and talked about auditions they kept running into each other at, including Tuck Everlasting, before working on It’s Always Sunny. This is the type of content fans of the show will love to hear.

In the first season of filming, the hosts shared they didn’t have an office, dressing rooms, or trailers, and rotated writing in each others’ houses. They also said they did not own personal computers until the second season and shared one computer, opting to flesh out scenes on yellow legal pads.

The TV comedy follows “The Gang” of four friends who operate a struggling bar in Philadelphia and engage in shocking and questionable behavior, often harming themselves and exploiting others in the process. They backstab each other, abuse substances, and demonstrate callousness. Episodes show how they manipulate and sabotage their friends as well as other characters on the show. But they’re friends, right? Learn more about the characters on this podcast and in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’s new season.

The first few episodes are now streaming, and it’s already a top-charter on iTunes. Tune into new, weekly episodes of “The Always Sunny Podcast” wherever you tune in.

Listen to ‘The Always Sunny Podcast’

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