We salute you! 7 podcast episodes all about veterans and their lives after war

Society & Culture November 9, 2021

This Veterans Day, Podsauce is honoring veterans and current service members with a podcast round-up. In these episodes, hear from veterans about patriotism, their time on the frontlines, life after war, and how they define heroism. Learn why a veteran was able to return home with his rescue dog from camp, how some veterans shift their focus, continue service at home, and try different career paths. And how a veteran copes with stress, turning to creative outlets such as rap.

We’re tuning into a podcast series that coincides with PBS’ new TV show, American Veteran, highlighting nine veterans’ stories. On our list, we’ve also included stories of individuals returning home and what their family dynamics are like as they rejoin civilian life. Hear about a veteran who left Iraq early due to a cancer diagnosis and her path to athletics after amputations.

Check out our complete list below:

Eye on Veterans

Listen to ‘How veterans can land a career in computer software’ on ‘Eye on Veterans’

CBS’ “Eye on Veterans” shares stories from veterans’ perspectives and is hosted by Navy veteran and Journalist Phil Briggs. Episodes explore veterans’ lives after they have served. On “How veterans can land a career in computer software,” listeners learn how Army veteran Geralyn Hall began working as a customer applications software engineer with Salesforce after being an admin officer. Geralyn landed the gig after applying for a fellowship program via Hiring Our Heroes and began a new career path. Previous episodes of “Eye on Veterans” chronicled Gen. Colin Powell’s legacy, listeners were introduced to Eli Crane, a former Navy SEAL-turned business owner/Shark Tank guest, and more. To learn more from veterans, tune into “Eye on Veterans.”

American Veteran: Unforgettable Stories

Listen to ‘American Veteran: Unforgettable Stories’

GBH Podcasts presents “American Veteran: Unforgettable Stories,” a weekly podcast hosted by Marine Corps vet Phil Klay, and author of Redeployment. This show is based on PBS’ TV series all about veterans. In this nine-part special, each episode focuses on one vet’s story. Listeners will hear Frank DeVita’s story about D-Day, one he did not want to share for seventy years. In another episode, we’ll learn about an Army chef in Iraq who was the first Black American woman held as a POW. An Army nurse in Vietnam wanted to help a satellite technician during the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell era, and tells her story on the podcast. New episodes will be posted until the end of November 2021.

The Moth Radio Hour

Listen to ‘Veterans Day Special 2014’ on ‘The Moth Radio Hour’

“The Moth Radio Hour” is brought to you by PRX, sharing real-life stories at live, themed story slam events where attendees throw their names in a hat for a chance to share onstage. Listeners can also pitch the show via their phone line. For “The Moth’s” events, storytellers share their stories from memory without notes. Known authors, writers, actors, journalists, and more are often brought on the show to share stories as well. On “The Moth’s” “Veterans Day Special 2014,” four stories were shared about the battlefield, behind the frontlines, a Marine returning home after serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, and how a father explained deployment to his family.

StoryCorps image


Listen to ‘All I Had Was Hope and You’ on ‘StoryCorps’

Break out the tissues for this episode of NPR’s “StoryCorps,” a candid podcast with conversations about the human experience. Episodes center on life, love, loss, friendship, and family. The “All I Had Was Hope and You,” episode emphasizes all of these themes. Listeners will learn from veterans and their families as they return home and resume their lives after war. We’ll hear about the challenges faced, and conversations shared with their families about deployment.

The American Veteran Show Podcast

Listen to ‘The American Veteran Show Podcast’

“The American Veteran Show Podcast,” is a series hosted by Steffan Tubbs, dedicated to veterans and current service members, allowing guests to share their stories. A recent episode discussed the new PBS show, American Veteran. In this episode of “The American Veteran Show Podcast,” hear about the companionship between a special dog and a veteran. Listeners learn about a veteran turning to rap music to cope with stress, and a Native American veteran who served. Steffan spoke with military correspondent CBS’ David Martin to discuss the Chinese hypersonic missile, and an episode from October remembered Gen. Colin Powell.

From Rock Bottom to Rockin’ It

Listen to ‘From Rock Bottom to Rockin’ It’

In 2004, Brandi Benson was deployed in Iraq and served in the U.S. Army. Brandi was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma and had to leave her station in 2008. Since leaving the Army, Brandi continues to serve others, works with other veterans, and was a semi-finalist in Ms. Veteran America 2020. Brandi, now an amputee cancer survivor, has written a memoir, The Enemy Inside Me: A Young Soldier’s Unexpected Battle With Cancer, and is honest about her mental and physical health struggles. She also participates in speaking engagements to inspire others with her story. In recent years, Brandi started playing javelin. The podcast “From Rock Bottom to Rockin’ It” is hosted by Eric Gilbert-Williams to share inspirational stories to spread hope to listeners. New episodes are available monthly.

Veterans Chronicles

Listen to ‘SSG David Bellavia, U.S. Army, Iraq, Medal of Honor’ on ‘Veterans Chronicles’

Radio America’s “Veterans Chronicles,” shares firsthand narratives from heroes. On the “SSG David Bellavia, U.S. Army, Iraq, Medal of Honor” episode, listeners learn Bellavia’s story, his urban fighting in the streets of Fallujah, Iraq and why he earned the Medal of Honor in November, 2004. Bellavia explains his combat, the mindset he had to adapt, how he saved his squad after getting attacked, and took down five enemy fighters. Now that Bellavia has received the Medal of Honor, he explains what responsibilities he’s committed to. And how his years of service continue to impact him.

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