Cyber crimes with a side of dad jokes: ‘What the Hack with Adam Levin’ explores scams, phishing attacks, and more with guests

True Crime August 24, 2022
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Loud Tree Media presents “What the Hack with Adam Levin.” This series features “true cybercrime with dad jokes” and provides a safe space for any victims of scams, hacking, phishing, and cyber attacks to share their stories. Hosted by consumer affairs veteran Adam Levin, Beau “Hack Me” Friedlander, and Travis “Here’s What Actually Happened” Taylor, they’ll share stories, scams they’ve fallen for, conversations with guests, tips on becoming less hackable, and more on weekly episodes.

Conversations tackle some of the scariest, most annoying, embarrassing, or angering things the hosts and guests have encountered on the internet. Since 2021, the series has released over 55 episodes to be streamed in any order, running less than an hour on average.

On a recent episode, hear Rudy Shepherd’s unfortunate experience after he ended his relationship with a gallery and began selling his work online. After a nightmare event with a scammer, Rudy shared his “Zelle hell” story on the podcast.

Andy Pham moved from Communist Vietnam to avoid getting drafted into war in Cambodia. He became successful in America and was scammed out of a five million dollar project by a dentist. In an episode, hear how Andy fought for his money back and felt like he was living the American Dream after the heist-filled saga.

Cyber crime and internet misuse bleed into social media, too. Veteran middle school teacher Michelle Waters’ Facebook account was misused, and she learned her breaking point.

In May, Retired Secret Service Chief of Staff Brian Ebert joined an episode to share when two Romanian hackers accidentally hit security cameras with ransomware that monitored Donald Trump’s inauguration. Then, learn how the Secret Service found the hackers from an Amazon vendor selling smoking guns.

Sometimes, the hosts are joined by fellow podcasters like “Darknet Diaries” host Jack Rhysider. On an episode, he shared about a superfan stalker told by a cyber expert. In another episode, Jack shared about NFT pitfalls, and other digital wallet issues. Podcaster Jordan Harbinger talked about his earlier hacking experiences in March and surprised the guests with his deviant stories.

Tune in weekly for new episodes wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Listen to ‘What the Hack with Adam Levin’

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