Counter-culture outlaws, curious questions, and more: 5 bingeworthy podcasts to stream this summer

round up July 13, 2022

Check out our must-listen, podcast list to binge this summer or add to your travel-listening queue. Get captivated by a family’s story on the run from the FBI in the 1970s. Dive into hot topics and fascinating questions on topics like sugar’s addictiveness, Ouija boards, and recycling with host Nikki Boyer on “Call Me Curious.”

Take a “Sidedoor” into the Smithsonian Institution’s vaults to learn from biologists, artists, historians, archaeologists, zookeepers, and astrophysicists. Also on our list, there’s a news quiz show featuring comedians, letting listeners test their knowledge and laugh along the way. In another series, hear about one of America’s wealthiest families, the Steinbergs.

Mother Country Radicals image

Mother Country Radicals

Listen to ‘Mother Country Radicals’

Zayd Dohrn was born underground, and his parents were on the run from the FBI. His family’s dedication to social justice and activism put them on the government’s radar, and now, he’s telling his mother’s story. Zayd’s mom, Bernardine Dohrn, is a former leader of the radical Weather Underground. In “Mother Country Radicals,” Bernardine and more members will share their experiences firsthand. All 7 episodes are now streaming.

Call Me Curious podcast art

Call Me Curious

Listen to ‘Call Me Curious’

Wondery’s “Call Me Curious” is tackling life’s mysteries and answering questions with host Nikki Boyer. Along with guests and recurring co-host Mr. Malone, episodes are diving into topics like Ouija Boards, aphrodisiacs, intermittent fasting, zoos, recycling, sugar, and more. Nikki also hosts the podcasts “Dying for Sex” and “The Daily Smile.”


Listen to ‘Sidedoor’

In “Sidedoor,” host Lizzie Peabody brings listeners inside the Smithsonian Institution’s vaults to unearth treasures and educational stories with guests like biologists, artists, historians, archaeologists, zookeepers, and astrophysicists. Now in its 8th season, there are over 140 episodes to stream in any order.

Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me! podcast art

Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me

Listen to ‘Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me’

Join NPR’s weekly news quiz and laugh with “Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me,” hosted by Emma Choi. With comedians and other folks from pop culture, you’ll test your knowledge in a hilarious weekly format. Recent guests have included Sean Hayes, Slash, Mic Nguyen, and many more. If you like this show, check out their mid-week series, “Everyone & Their Mom.”

The Just Enough Family podcast art

The Just Enough Family

Listen to ‘The Just Enough Family’

The Steinbergs were one of America’s richest families who attained extraordinary success, experienced devastating losses and betrayals, hosted lavish parties, and left an unbelievable legacy. The Binge’s “The Just Enough Family” is like a therapy session, as told by fashion designer Liz Lange, Saul Steinberg’s niece.

The series is hosted by Liz’s friend, New Yorker staff writer, and bestselling author Ariel Levy to share this tale of “new money, old secrets, and the fine line between success and excess.” All 8 episodes are less than 40 minutes each.

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