The innovative business ideas of Shaan Puri and Sam Parr are on full display in ‘My First Million’

Business June 7, 2022
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Shaan Puri and Sam Parr are handing out invaluable business ideas and advice on their HubSpot Podcast Network show, “My First Million.” Every week, the two are discussing and dissecting new business ideas based on the biggest topics and trends in the business world. They also discuss topics like what the future of work will look like, share business tips they’ve learned after years in the game, and give actionable advice for any experienced or budding entrepreneur.

These two have been in the podcasting sphere since 2019, and they have over 350 episodes to show for it. You can catch two or three new episodes of “My First Million” per week as they bounce business ideas off of each other, discuss market trends, and answer listener questions. Episodes range from 10 minutes to 90 minutes long depending on the subject.

Shaan and Sam are two brilliant business minds who love to nerd out over all things business. On this podcast, you can hear them talk about everything from their unorthodox management tips to business frameworks to how to raise money (and if you should in the first place).

“My First Million” gives you the opportunity to a be a fly on the wall and hear business/start-up pitches from Shaan, Sam, and their slew of incredibly accomplished guests. Not only are they laying out the basics of starting a business, but they are also discussing the most interesting startups, industries, and ideas of today. Plus, they investigate the reverse: companies that have recently imploded and why they met their demise.

Learn why getting rich slow is better than getting rich quick before jumping into a discussion about the five pillars of happiness. Hear how copywriting has made some people boatloads of money intermingled with questions about people’s natural levels of creativity (and whether or not creativity can be learned). And, of course, hear the stories of how people made their first million dollars.

While it’s a lot of money talk, Shaan and Sam’s easy rapport keeps listeners excited for every single episode. Throw in some innovative guests who have practical and tactical advice, and “My First Million” is a treasure trove of insights and inspiration.

If you’ve been searching for a podcast that brilliantly balances business and entertainment, then look no further than this Hubspot podcast. Shaan and Sam bring interesting ideas to life and their ambition is truly infectious.

Be sure to tune into “My First Million.”

Listen to ‘My First Million’

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