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TV & Film October 8, 2021
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Every Sunday, BFFs Kristy and K get together for light-hearted chats about all things film, TV, and pop culture on “We Need 2 Talk.” Since the hosts never see each other IRL, their fun-filled podcast became a great way for them to spend time together, catch up, and share insight, while listeners get to join. Kristy and K watch a ton of content and want to share their opinions! We’ll hear everything from the latest celebrity news to what they make of Netflix’s latest releases and why Ted Lasso should top everyone’s watch list if you haven’t already seen it.

Squid Game

Each episode is a treat, packing in news, views, and recaps in under 40 minutes. We hear how they can’t look away from Netflix’s Korean horror series Squid Game. The plot follows people in dire straits with nothing to lose who accept the opportunity of a lifetime to compete for a cash prize, but they soon learn it is a death trap.

In Squid Game, 456 strangers are sent to play simple children’s games like “Red Light, Green Light,” then die on the spot if they lose. With each elimination round, the prize money amount grows. Kristy and K said they can’t watch more than 2 episodes at a time because it’s so violent and draining, but they recommend the series to listeners nonetheless.

Netflix is getting sued

The gals shared how Squid Game‘s popularity has started a lawsuit. A South Korean internet provider is suing Netflix because so many people are streaming it. The energy required for the servers to deliver the show is increasing their costs. And the company wants Netflix to foot the bill.

Recent episodes

All in an episode, we heard about Real Housewives updates, what’s happening on Big Brother, and why they couldn’t watch The Starling with Melissa McCarthy (they don’t like birds!). They discussed Lori Loughlin’s acting comeback this holiday season with a Hallmark film after spending two months in jail for the college admissions scandal. In September, Kristy and K recapped the Emmys and VMAs and spoke about Gabby Petito‘s tragic case.

How “We Need 2 Talk” started…

“We Need 2 Talk” started during quarantine. Kristy previously blogged about entertainment and TV for 6 years, then took a break when she switched jobs. She missed having conversations about some of her favorite topics with fans online, and K also wanted to start podcasting, and “We Need 2 Talk” was born!

Kristy and K stopped by Podsauce!

Kristy and K visited Podsauce to speak with Dax and Alesha. In our web exclusive, we learn about K and Kristy’s friendship, why K likes to remain anonymous on the podcast, and what content they’re currently streaming. K and Kristy shared their podcast picks: “Literally! with Rob Lowe,” “Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard,” “Smartless,” “The Happiness Lab with Dr. Laurie Santos,” “Double Date with Marlo Thomas and Phil Donahue,” and “Fun on Weekdays.” Check out their full interview, only on Podsauce!

For more with Kristy and K, tune in weekly for new episodes of “We Need 2 Talk.”

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