Nerd out and gear up for Comic-Con with these 9 podcasts about your favorite fandoms

Society & Culture October 7, 2022

If you’re heading to the ultimate fan event this October in NYC or want to take a virtual trip to Comic-Con, embrace the fandoms with these podcasts. Nerd out with shows on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Star Trek, Star Wars, Blade Runner, and Pokémon.

There’s a magical improv series based on Dungeons & Dragons. Hear Magic: The Gathering‘s head designer share stories and insight on a podcast fit for your daily commute. For broader doses on pop culture, your favorite franchises, and entertainment news, check out “X-Ray Vision.” “This Week in Marvel” talks about Comic-Con and what fans can expect this year.

This Week in Marvel

Listen to ‘This Week in Marvel’

“This Week in Marvel” is an official Marvel podcast hosted by Ryan “Agent M” Penagos, Lorraine Cink, and James Monroe Iglehart. Tune in weekly for all access episodes on TV, movies, comics, toys, games, and more content. An episode shared all Marvel events happening at San Diego’s Comic-Con. This podcast has been deep-diving into the Marvel Cinematic Universe since 2011 with over 600 episodes to stream.

X Ray Vision podcast art

X-Ray Vision

Listen to ‘X-Ray Vision’

“X-Ray Vision” is your one-stop-shop for general fandom, news, and pop culture updates. In weekly episodes, you’ll get a healthy dose of film, TV, and comics along with special guest appearances. Episodes nerd out with show lore, casting, and episodes on your favorite franchises like Stranger Things, Ms. Marvel, and more. This series is presented by Crooked Media and hosted by Emmy-award winner Jason Concepcion.

WSTR Galactic Public Access – A Star Wars Podcast

Listen to ‘WSTR Galactic Public Access – A Star Wars Podcast’

On “WSTR Galactic Public Access – A Star Wars Podcast,” friends/hosts Todd Hoffman, Aaron Houillon, and Heather Alred are joined by guests to appreciate the galaxy far, far away. This podcast is recommended for OG Star Wars fans and newbies. Tune in Wednesdays for news, insights, critiques, and more. Listeners can also dig into the podcast’s archive of over 280 episodes running less than 2 hours on average.

Magic The Gathering Drive to Work Podcast art

Magic: The Gathering Drive to Work Podcast

Listen to ‘Magic: The Gathering Drive to Work Podcast’

Magic: The Gathering‘s head designer Mark Rosewater hosts this podcast all about the game. He’ll share stories, insight, history, enthusiasm, and more in episodes less than 40 minutes on average. It’s the ideal “Drive to Work Podcast,” with over 950 episodes to stream since 2012.

Marvel’s Voices

Listen to ‘Marvel’s Voices’

On “Marvel’s Voices,” host Angélique Roché interviews storytellers, learns their creative processes, professional paths, and collaborations along the way. Hear from Marvel Cinematic Universe creators, writers, and podcast stars like “Wastelanders: Black Widow’s” Chasten Harmon. Check out over 70 episodes running less than 40 minutes on average.

Discovering Trek The Star Trek Universe Companion podcast art

Discovering Trek: The Star Trek Universe Companion

Listen to ‘Discovering Trek: The Star Trek Universe Companion’

On weekly episodes, Trekkies can look forward to spoilers, discoveries, and takes on every episode in the Star Trek Universe. The podcast explores the storylines, characters, and even what we can learn about humanity from the fictional universe. This series is presented by the Trek Geeks Network.

Shoulder of Orion: The Blade Runner Podcast

Listen to ‘Shoulder of Orion: The Blade Runner Podcast’

“Shoulder of Orion: The Blade Runner Podcast” is presented by Perfect Organism Network. Join episodes loaded with fandom, interviews, roundtables, reviews, and much more. New episodes are available every other Tuesday.

Dungeons and Daddies podcast art

Dungeons and Daddies

Listen to ‘Dungeons and Daddies’

This podcast is an improv podcast about 4 dads, Dungeons & Dragons, and getting transported to a world of magic and fantasy. They embark on a quest to rescue their sons. Stream over 90 episodes from the beginning of season 1 to get caught up in the storyline.

Shadowless Podcast: A Pokémon Podcast

Listen to ‘Shadowless Podcast: A Pokémon Podcast’

RealBreakingNate, SuperDuperDani, and Jordan Fringe are breaking down all things Pokémon on “Shadowless Podcast: A Pokémon Podcast.” Tune in for weekly episodes on the cards, collectables, video games, and more. The average episode runs less than 90 minutes on average. If you’ve gotta catch ’em all, check out over 130 episodes now streaming.

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