Loved ‘We Were Three?’ Check out these 8 other podcasts with investigations into the human experience

round up November 6, 2022

If you liked “We Were Three,” we’ve rounded up several podcasts you might also enjoy. On our list, we’ve included plot-centric podcasts, top-notch journalism, true crime shows, investigations, and deep-dives into a variety of human experiences.

There are podcasts unpacking online conspiracy theories, times of COVID-19, overcoming challenging events, and a show that blends science and storytelling.

This American Life image

This American Life

Listen to ‘This American Life’

Hosted by Ira Glass, “This American Life” started as a radio show in 1995 and shares true stories centering on a theme each episode. “This American Life” has snagged every broadcasting award you can imagine and also earned a Pulitzer Prize.

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Listen to ‘Serial’

OG true crime podcast “Serial” was created by Sarah Koenig and Julie Snyder. Each season investigates a different story. Season 1 examined the disappearance of high school senior Hae Min Lee in 1999 and uncovered new details on the case. The second season was about Bowe Bergdahl, an American Army soldier who left his post in Afghanistan and was captured by the Taliban. Sarah and “This American Life’s” Emmanuel Dzotsi co-reported in season 3, covering 9 cases in Cleveland’s criminal justice system.



Listen to ‘Hoaxed’

Tortoise Media’s “Hoaxed” investigates a British conspiracy theory about Satanic panic, its victims, and lie-spreading conspiracists. When 2 children told police they were abused by a Satanic cult led by their father, teachers, and parents from their school in London’s Hampstead suburb, this spread online in 2014. Investigators learned the kids were coerced into lying and found the source. All 6 episodes are now streaming.



Listen to ‘Invisibilia’

The Latin word, “Invisibilia” means invisible things and is serves as the poignant title for NPR’s podcast. This series mixes science with storytelling, shares stories about human behavior, and explores how forces generate ideas, beliefs, and more. A recent season focused on “control:” what’s in our control, invisible ways we’re controlled, how to cope, and what we use to think we’re in control. Previous seasons centered on friendships, inventions, and more.

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Listen to ‘S-Town’

Serial’s “S-Town” investigated a murder and potential police cover-up in 7 episodes. When John from Woodstock, Alabama asked “This American Life” to dive into a case involving a wealthy family’s son – who allegedly walked free after committing murder – the podcast went on to find out what happened when someone else turned up dead. Brian Reed hosts this series that unearthed mysteries, a treasure hunt, and an underlying feud.

First Person image

First Person

Listen to ‘First Person’

On The New York Times’ First Person,” Lulu Garcia-Navarro interviews guests who are “living through the headlines” and sharing how experiences shape opinions. New episodes talked about the possibility of arming teachers to keep kids safe, if a Black Republican running for Congress can “increase his party’s appeal to voters of color,” and what happens when people try to combat book bans. Check out new weekly episodes.

This is Actually Happening podcast art

This is Actually Happening

Listen to ‘This is Actually Happening’

From waking up in a morgue to getting stranded in the desert, terrible roommate stories, delusional beliefs, or losing a family member to a cult, you won’t want to miss these gripping tales. “This is Actually Happening” shares firsthand accounts of true stories on over 280 weekly episodes created, produced, and hosted by Whit Missildine. This series shares true crimes, life-altering events, and other realities faced by guests who survived harrowing situations.

Truthers: Tiffany Dover is Dead podcast art

Truthers: Tiffany Dover is Dead*

Truthers: Tiffany Dover is Dead*

In 2020, Tennessee’s CHI Memorial Hospital’s nurse manager, Tiffany Dover received a COVID-19 shot at work. Tiffany spoke with reporters before she fainted, stood back up, and continued the interview. These events resulted in conspiracy theories that claimed Tiffany died from the vaccine and was replaced by a body double. Tiffany has not been seen or heard from since the incident. On “Truthers: Tiffany Dover is Dead”, NBC reporter Brandy Zadrozny tried to find down Tiffany, analyzed misinformation, and shared how all kinds of fake news can rapidly spread.

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