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Business April 27, 2022
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“Brown Ambition” is here to help you get good with money. Seriously, Tiffany wrote the book Get Good With Money: Ten Simple Steps to Becoming Financially Whole. This is your one-stop shop for your financial education, whether you’re looking to save money, earn money, or just learn money.

Hosts Tiffany Aliche and Mandi Woodruff are personal finance experts, career coaches, authors, and journalists on a mission to create an accessible and inclusive space for your financial education.

For seven years, Mandi and Tiffany have been helping people unapologetically build their wealth with “Brown Ambition.” There are nearly 400 episodes of this podcast to choose from that will no doubt blow your mind and grow your bank account.

They typically post two episodes a week — regular 40-minute long episodes on Wednesdays with guests and 30-minute BA Q&A’s on Fridays. They are talking about truly everything that comes to money: from knowing how and when to ask for a raise (and when to jump ship if you’ve been there too long) to understanding investing to building your own business, they have covered it all.

Mandi and Tiffany’s podcast was just announced as both the Webby Award winner and People’s Voice Award winner at the 2022 Webbys in the Business category, so you know they’re as good as it gets. These two aren’t just talking money, either — they are discussing relationships, retiring early, self care, inclusivity, pay gaps, childcare, and so much more. Because of their holistic approach to money, Mandi and Tiffany are also talking about finding meaning and value in what you choose to do.

Learn how to plan for your children’s financial futures with gust Helen Ngo, or find out what the next steps to wealth building are once you’ve made it out of the financial survival/protection mode. They’re speaking with some of our other favorite finance podcasters, like “Earn Your Leisure” hosts Troy Millings and Rashad Billal about making the most out of economic downturns and building foundations before taking big leaps.

When they aren’t interviewing fellow financial experts, they’re often answering listener-submitted questions. Should you pay for a resume? What do you do when you’re in a job you’re overqualified for? When should you close a credit card?

Whether you have questions about paying off student loan debt or how to deal with inflation, they certainly have an answer that everyone should be listening to. They are dedicated to a shame- and guilt-free education about all things money-related. No matter what your ambitions are, big or small, they are here to help you live your life free from the stress of financial burdens.

No matter what questions you have or what kind of advice you are looking for, Mandi and Tiffany have it here on “Brown Ambition.” They are talking about closing racial wealth gaps, dealing with microaggressions (or macroaggressions) in the workplace, and speaking to other inspiring people who are paving their own paths.

It’s also a fantastic podcast for people who have found themselves as bosses and workplace leaders. They recently spoke with Ruchika Tulshyan, the author of Inclusion On Purpose, about amplifying the voices of women of color in the workplace and being deliberate about inclusivity.

“Brown Ambition” isn’t a financial/career advice podcast that is telling us we aren’t ambitious enough — instead they are helping listeners focus their ambitions to live their lives free from financial burdens.

Mandi and Tiffany are relatable, empathetic, and honest; they have made money mistakes in the past and learned from them, so now they are helping us learn, too. Don’t miss out on the incredible and seemingly endless resource that is “Brown Ambition.”

Listen to ‘Brown Ambition’

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