AJR shares the surprising people they’d love to hear a podcast from

January 24, 2022

Dax is so hyped for everyone to see this Podsauce exclusive interview from the Audacy Beach Festival with none other than the band (and brothers) AJR. The pop trio of Adam, Jack, and Ryan Met have been making huge waves in the music industry, and while they’re used to talking about their music and tours, we’re even more excited to hear about their favorite podcasts.

Once they wrap their heads around a podcast about podcasts, they are quick to name “SmartLess” as one of their favorite podcasts. Specifically, their favorite episodes are Will Ferrell’s, Zach Galifianakis’, and Chelsea Handler’s. Of course, Dax has to gush about their George Clooney episode, which AJR wholeheartedly agrees with. Adam comments that he is a huge fan of “Armchair Expert.”

When it comes to a podcast they would host, they first try to get even more meta than Podsauce before settling on a podcast more focused on music. They say that they would like to host a podcast about hidden musical gems, specifically before 1950 or even 1970. They say that people seem so hesitant to listen to music before those time periods that they would love to recommend early albums and bands that people would love if they gave them a chance.

But even more than that, Adam Met does host his own podcast. Outside of music, he works in sustainability, collaborating with the U.N., and was literally finishing his PhD the morning after this interview. What? His podcast therefore revolves around sustainability and is titled “Planet Reimagined.” With guests, he talks about the future of the Earth and sustainability but without the doom and gloom that often seems to accompany the topics. He focuses on the people who are excited about the future, talking about new technology and innovations that will change the future of food, music, and more.

When asked who they’d like to see host a podcast, dead or alive, Ryan is quick to say that he wouldn’t want to hear from mythicized celebrities, like Elvis or The Beatles, as it would ruin the mystique (and potentially their reputation). Jack says potentially George Washington, but Dax points out that could be treacherous. Ryan then suggests a Neanderthal, which would need to involve a translator (but, Jack says maybe it could be ASMR or something).

Adam has a slightly more reasonable answer, saying he would like to hear a true crime podcast from an accused Salem Witch. Which would be cool, and probably sad. Dax asks if any of the three listen to true crime podcasts and they all surprisingly say they don’t, so Dax has to recommend a few to them. He recommends “The Piketon Massacre” to them, and Adam informs his brothers that true crime podcasts have actually dug up new information in past cases, sometimes even proving innocence and finding answers for families that would’ve otherwise never been known.

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