Hit the gym and let ‘Mind Pump: Raw Fitness Truth’ boost your health and wellness regimen

Health & Fitness April 19, 2022
Listen to ‘Mind Pump: Raw Fitness Truth’

“Books on Pod” host Trey Elling stopped by Podsauce and told us that besides his passion for books and interviewing fascinating people on his podcast, he’s a huge fitness nerd who loves listening to “Mind Pump: Raw Fitness Truth.”

Whether you’re looking to amp up your fitness routine or learn more about health, nutrition, and wellness, the podcast’s hosts, Sal Di Stefano, Adam Schafer, and Justin Andrews, weigh in on a wide-range of topics in witty, tip-filled conversations.

Since 2014, this series has been going strong with over 1,800 episodes and counting. Sal, Adam, and Justin will share advice, bust myths, and question any pseudoscience marketed as facts in the fitness industry.

Stream the episodes in any order that explore scientifically-proven solutions to help you learn on your fitness journey. In less than 2 hours each episode, the hosts will answer mind and body questions, delve into topics like muscular development, how to increase performance, and improve overall health.

Sal, Adam, and Justin have over 40 years of combined experience in the fitness industry and are ready to tackle any fitness “truth” and institution with their upbeat senses of humor. The hosts are often joined by guests like fitness pros, doctors, and more to share their areas of expertise. They recently spoke with Darin Olien, bestselling author and co-host of Down to Earth with Zac Efron, about cultivating a wellness mindset.

New York Times bestselling author, Harvard professor, and happiness expert Arthur C. Brooks joined an episode to define happiness and how we can achieve it. They talked about social sciences, healthy relationships, and how social media is a trap to compare yourself to others. Arthur also discussed the intrinsic vs. extrinsic reward system and the Opposite Signal Strategy (OSS) to combat loneliness – just to name a few topics from this interview.

A recent episode explained counting macros vs. intuitive eating for fat loss. The hosts shared what to do if your lifts are not improving and squatting deep vs. squatting heavy. Another episode discussed HIIT vs. traditional cardio and how to speed up recovery.

In some episodes, the hosts offer listeners live coaching where questions are answered in real time. There was an episode on how lifting weights increases flexibility, and in another episode, hear when machines are better than free weights.

If you’re looking for tips to make your body more functional and symmetrical, check out the episode from early April. Episodes address diets like keto, why your diet is failing, improving a poor appetite, and what to eat pre-gym. Dr. Stephen Cabral joined an episode to talk about when blood tests fall short and when to consider doing a hair lab test. They revealed their hair test results on the show.

Tony Robbins told Sal, Adam, and Justin about his new book, Life Force. He shared his undying love for people and unpacked why it’s important to understand human psychology. Tony sees progress as happiness and shared that his relationship with money changed over the years. He also discussed stem cells, epigenomes, and treating preventative issues.

If you’re looking for tools to help you learn more about the health, wellness, and working out, “Mind Pump: Raw Fitness Truth” is a good resource. This series might also be a great listen while you’re hitting the gym. Tune in for new, weekly episodes.

Listen to ‘Mind Pump: Raw Fitness Truth’

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