It’s New Year’s resolution time! 5 podcasts helping you set the best intentions for 2022

round up December 27, 2021

It’s certainly not easy to keep those New Year’s resolutions. January days are still too short, and with work starting back up, there’s too much to focus on. Only, it doesn’t have to be hard. These five podcasts are dedicated to making small changes that make big impacts.

Whether you’re looking to improve your overall health and wellbeing, wanting to get a little better with money, or you’re just looking for more ways to be happy, then we are happy to provide you with these podcasts. With clear takeaways from every single episode, these podcasts will leave you with something to apply to your life every week. Check them out.

Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris

Listen to ‘Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris’

All of our New Year’s resolutions should probably be to strive to be at least “Ten Percent Happier.” After having a panic attack on live television, journalist Dan Harris decided to focus on himself through meditation. He then went on to write the bestselling book, 10% Happier, and now, his podcast by the same name features talks with eminent meditation teachers and top scientists on how to train ourselves to be happier. It’s like any muscle, he says. “Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris” jumps from psychedelics and reaching for nirvana, to scientific solutions to improve relationships, anxiety, and productivity.

Planet Money

Listen to ‘Planet Money’

NPR’s “Planet Money” is more than just learning how the stock market works, making the most of your investments, and teaching you all of those fancy money terms that only financial advisors seem to know. Instead, it’s a holistic approach to the economy, using current events and avoiding fancy vocabulary to make their point. Learn about the market through Christmas tree sales. Understand the money behind live entertainment from the ticket scalping epidemic. Even hear how James Holzhauer used his incredible data and analytics skill to master the game of Jeopardy!. If you’re determined to understand how the economy works this year, “Planet Money” won’t fail you.

Diet Starts Tomorrow

Listen to ‘Diet Starts Tomorrow’

Famous last words – only this time, without all the BS. “Diet Starts Tomorrow” explores the psychological and emotional side of wellbeing, not just the physical. The two hosts talk about their own journeys with weight, attainable fitness routines, and dietary practices that aren’t going to leave you starving or craving your favorite food. Seriously, eat your favorite foods! Hosts Aleen Dreksler and Sami Sage, co-founders of Betches Media, talk on all things wellness, weight loss, mental health, happiness, and fitness from the perspective of real women who understand the struggle.

The Mindset Mentor

Listen to ‘The Mindset Mentor’

Rob Dial has taught millions of people to become the masters of their own lives by blending neurology, neurobiology, psychology, early childhood development, and cognitive behavioral therapy. “The Mindset Mentor” is all about using this knowledge to your advantage, so any changes you want to make, you can make a plan and find success. His expertise, passion, and motivation have been inspiring people to become the best versions of themselves they can be, so join the club this year with “The Mindset Mentor.”

How To Be A Better Human

Listen to ‘How To Be A Better Human’

This isn’t just any self improvement podcast – nor is it a podcast created by aliens. “How To Be A Better Human” is hosted by comedian Chris Duffy, who is looking in unexpected places to find new ways to improve himself and show up for others. From using poetry to enrich your everyday life, to learning to coparent, to having conversations with people that hate you, this TED and PRX podcast uncovers incredible insights and hands out clear takeaways on how we can improve whatever it is we want.

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