Hello, weekend! 5 podcasts to stream over the next few days

round up January 28, 2022

Only one month into 2022, and we’ve already listened to so many amazing, new podcasts. Here are some recommendations across several genres if you have some extra time this weekend. On our list, we’ve included a trending true crime series featuring a former mob attorney from Chicago, a health and wellness podcast hosted by Dr. Attia, and a new fictional drama.

Scroll through our guide to hear “Good Morning America” audio-only versions of ABC News’ daily TV episodes. Movie fans might enjoy a Ringer-universe rewatch series covering classics like Godfather 2 and Dunkirk. Happy listening!

Deep Cover: Mob Land

Listen to ‘Deep Cover: Mob Land’

In the 1980s, former mafia lawyer Bob Cooley realized he wanted to “clean up” Chicago’s corrupt system and spill insider information to take down the mob. Cooley was a “fixer,” fully participating in the underworld of corruption, crimes, gambling, bribes, and more. Over the years, Cooley worked undercover for the FBI, gathering enough evidence to nail a mafia kingpin. This decision changed his life’s course. On the podcast’s second season, Cooley tells the story in his own words, along with federal agents working the case, former colleagues, and more. Season one, “The Drug Wars,” shared what happened when an FBI agent worked undercover in a biker gang. “Deep Cover: Mob Land” is presented by Pushkin Industries and hosted by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Jake Halpern.

Good Morning America

Listen to ‘Good Morning America’

ABC News’ popular TV program, “Good Morning America,” is now available in daily, audio-only episodes under an hour on average. Hear news, investigations, financial reports, and medical updates. Hosts Robin Roberts, George Stephanopoulos, Michael Strahan, and meteorologist Ginger Zee interview guests like actors, correspondents, politicians, and more.

The Rewatchables

Listen to ‘The Rewatchables’

From the Ringer Podcast Network comes “The Rewatchables,” hosted by Bill Simmons and friends. They’ll chat about classic films they tend to watch over and over again. They’ve released over 16 episodes so far, unpacking classics like The Hangover, Godfather 2, The Devil Wears Prada, Dunkirk, Creed, and more. Simmons is joined by Ringer gang guests like Chris Ryan, Sean Fennessey, Cousin Sal, Amanda Dobbins, and Kyle Brandt.

The Peter Attia Drive

Listen to ‘The Peter Attia Drive’

Peter Attia, MD, presents “The Peter Attia Drive” to share advice and insight on health, wellness, performance, critical thinking, and more on weekly episodes. Recent episodes covered COVID-19 updates, understanding mental illness with optogenetics, and healing from trauma. The average episode lasts under two hours, with shorter “ask me anything” episodes under 30 minutes long. Dr. Attia is joined by guests including doctors, psychiatrists, neuroscientists, authors, podcasters/psychotherapists like Esther Perel, athletes like Lance Armstrong, actors such as Hugh Jackman, and more.


Listen to ‘Outliers’

Realm’s “Outliers” is a new fictional drama by Casey Wells and Dave Beazley, narrated by Rory Culkin. A father and son, Boy and Da, believe they’re the last two humans left on the planet. Non-human creatures have taken over, and they fight to survive. Just when they believe they won’t find any remaining humans, they find a girl and embark on a journey to learn the truth. Stream new, weekly episodes, under 25 minutes each.

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