‘We Talk Back’ hosts AJ and TamBam share sage advice and hilarious stories specifically geared towards women

Society & Culture March 29, 2022
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On “We Talk Back,” hosts TamBam and AJ are offering sage advice, hilarious insights, and controversial opinions to anyone who will listen. From The Black Effect Podcast Network and iHeartPodcasts, these two are talking about all things sex, relationships, femininity, money, and Dumb Internet News. With a healthy splash of pop culture and topical news stories, “We Talk Back” is hosted by two unapologetic Black women who are always ready to deliver top tier entertainment.

Since 2021, the two have been offering non-professional guidance to those seeking it, sharing personal stories and opinions on any and all subjects. They’ve released over 60 episodes of “We Talk Back,” each one approximately an hour long. Episodes can be listened to in any order.

Earlier this month, the duo was joined by Lexi and Drea of the “Pour Minds Podcast” to talk all things Kim and Kanye, their body counts, and play a few games of this or that. They discuss Lil Durk’s recent comments about women and how many men they’ve slept with and talk about the possibility of becoming a Kim Kardashian look-alike for Kanye.

They’ve chatted about the wildest stuff on the internet (mainly pertaining to Kanye, at the moment), hygiene standards for men and women, men not marrying their “type,” and much more. They’ve pondered if you can really claim to be over your ex if you write about them/your breakup, spoken about knowing your love language and your partner’s love language, and much more.

Back in November of 2021, they were joined by Charles Johnson, a former NFL player who spent his 10-year career with the Carolina Panthers. The three discuss the politics of football and politics in football, marriage, the dangers of CTE, and they even manage to pull some hilarious dating stories out of him.

Listeners can’t get enough of TamBam and AJ together. No matter the topic, the two find a way to keep every episode fresh and interesting. They use their “Dumb B*tch Stories” as a hilarious learning experience of what not to do in any given situation. And, if you find yourself wanting even more of the “We Talk Back” ladies, you can also hear them as guests on other Black Effect Network podcasts, from “Brilliant Idiots” to “WHOREible Decisions.”

Listen to ‘We Talk Back’

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