Go wild and bring the outside in with these 10 nature and wildlife podcasts this summer

round up June 24, 2022

We’ve rounded up 10 podcasts to aurally trek through nature from wherever you may be this summer. If you’re stuck inside or on public transportation, bring the outdoors in by hearing other people’s awe-inspiring adventures around the world. These podcasts are also for nature fans who like learning about the world from biologists, explorers, scientists, reporters, nature enthusiasts, animal behaviorists, and more.

There are podcasts filled with field recordings to simulate outside walks and embrace peaceful nature sounds. There’s a series sharing true animal attack stories and safety tips to avoid dangerous encounters in the wild. For plant enthusiasts, check out “In Defense of Plants.”

Atlas Obscura Podcast image

The Atlas Obscura Podcast

Listen to ‘The Atlas Obscura Podcast’

Atlas Obscura co-founder Dylan Thuras and rotating reporters share some of the world’s strangest and most wonderful destinations on this series. Tune in daily and get transported to places like Tokyo’s Nakagin Capsule Tower, the San Juan Sound studio, a sound garden overlooking Lake Washington, Root Bridges in northeast India, and Père Lachaise Cemetery. Episodes are less than 20 minutes on average, so feel free to binge this podcast presented by Witness Docs & Atlas Obscura.

BBC Earth podcast art

BBC Earth Podcast

Listen to ‘BBC Earth Podcast’

From BBC Earth comes nature stories, science factoids, and human experiences around the globe. Trek to Ugandan forests, research facilities in Antarctica, run across the Thar Desert, and walk Lake Tahoe’s shores in episodes. You’ll also encounter animals like Rajasthan’s soaring eagles, lioness families, Namib Desert’s jeweled beetles, and more in over 30 episodes.

Tooth & Claw: True Stories of Animal Attacks image

Tooth & Claw: True Stories of Animal Attacks

Listen to ‘Tooth & Claw: True Stories of Animal Attacks’

If you’d like to hear about animal interactions gone wrong, tune into “Tooth & Claw: True Stories of Animal Attacks.” Hosted by wildlife biologist/animal behavior expert Wes Larson, his brother Jeff, and their friend Mike, they explain true animal attacks, and share tips to avoid these sorts of encounters. Recent episodes covered a rattlesnake run-in, an angry bison attack, and a horrific polar bear experience. Be careful out there!

Sleep Sounds by Nature

Listen to ‘Sleep Sounds by Nature’

“Sleep Sounds by Nature” does not have to be reserved for sleeping! Throw on relaxing tracks like a thunderstorm, a babbling brook, the woodlands, crickets, birds, and more anytime you need to take a quick trip to nature.

Expedition: Earth podcast art

Expedition: Earth

Listen to ‘Expedition: Earth’

National Geographic Asia presents “Expedition: Earth,” hosted by Lilly and National Geographic Explorers. In weekly episodes, journey to Vietnam’s caves, sail down the Mekong River, hike through the Philippines’ forests, and more with scientists, wildlife conservationists, and photographers – just to name a few types of guests. All episodes run less than 35 minutes on average.

The Walking Podcast art

The Walking Podcast

Listen to ‘The Walking Podcast’

The Walking Podcast” is a unique listen and one of Podsauce’s previous picks. In this series, journalist and author Jon Mooallem brings listeners for tranquil walks through the Pacific Northwest. Hear peaceful nature sounds, footfalls, rain, and ambient noise.

The Wild with Chris Morgan image

The Wild with Chris Morgan

Listen to ‘The Wild with Chris Morgan’

KUOW News and Information’s “The Wild with Chris Morgan” examines how nature prevails and continues to thrive alongside humans. This series travels through the Pacific Northwest and ventures globally to share stories from people working in nature, protecting the environment, and more. There are soothing nature sounds along with Chris’ narrations, nice additions to each episode.

In Defense of Plants

Listen to ‘In Defense of Plants’

“In Defense of Plants” is a weekly science podcast celebrating botany and the natural world. In episodes, host Matt Candeias is joined by guests to explore one plant-based topic and chats with an expert in the field. For example, hear about bumblebees and their habitat with the WWF’s Senior Program Officer, The Million Orchid Project with Dr. Jason Downing, and learn about sweetshrubs with a botanist. Check out the podcast’s archive of over 100 episodes, running less than an hour on average.

Nature Guys image

Nature Guys

Listen to ‘Nature Guys’

“Nature Guys” host Bob Staggenborg is helping listeners connect with the world on his podcast along with guests. Tune in for episodes on Yellowstone’s wolves, deer, wildflowers, Iceland’s volcanic eruption, and more. A recent episode discussed Cornell Lab’s Merlin App that’s like Shazam for bird sounds, helping you identify bird calls.

Sound By Nature

Listen to ‘Sound By Nature’

“Sound By Nature” shares beautiful, long, and relaxing soundscapes recorded in a variety of locations. Tune in for tracks such as “Frogs at Night Beside The McCloud River Trail,” “Spring Storm Near West Trough Creek,” “Warm Campfire on a Cold Autumn Night,” and so much more. There’s even an ASMR-y track that captured a Black Bear inspecting a recording rig!


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