‘Only Murders in the Building Podcast’ is the TV show companion we all need right now

TV & Film June 28, 2022
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Hulu’s Only Murders in the Building is garnering rave reviews: unsurprising with a cast like Steve Martin, Martin Short and Selena Gomez. The show itself, now in its second season, follows the three main characters who are all obsessed with the same true crime podcast until they become neighbors with a potential murder victim themselves. They are then inspired to create their own true crime podcast investigating the death of Tim Kono entitled “Only Murders in the Building.”

Well, naturally, there is a podcast about this show that’s about a podcast. Aptly titled “Only Murders in the Building Podcast,” it features interviews with directors, writers and cast members of the show. Hosts Elizabeth Keener and Kevin Lawn are trying to find clues alongside Mabel, Charles, and Oliver. As every episode twists us in a new direction, our hosts’ suspicions are pinned on new suspects every week. And each guest provides another piece to the Manhattan-sized puzzle.

The first episode is with showrunner John Hoffman, who talks all things murder-mysteries and true crime podcasts. What makes a great true crime podcast? And what makes a great murder-mystery? And how can they create a show where an entire building of people could be the main suspect? Spoiler alert: it’s mostly working backwards. It’s true crime within true crime – someone call Podsauce host Alesha.

Hoffman also addresses the elephant in the room: how did he gather the unexpected trio of Martin, Short, and Gomez? While the original version of this show was going to be three older men, Hoffman was approached by writers who said that young women were the true demographic of true crime podcast listeners. And thus, Mabel Mora was born. What a great ’50s detective film-noir name, right? And who else to play the intensely sarcastic apartment renovator/Dateline aficionado than Gomez?

They even get a dead man talking: actor Julian Cihi, who plays the maybe-murder victim Tim Kono, reveals some of his own secrets, and whatever the opposite of a secret is. A truth? The also chat with the cat guy, Michael Cyril Creigthon and actress Amy Ryan (The Office, The Wire) who have hints abound about the whodunnit.

If you’re as obsessed as we are with this show, “Only Murders in the Building Podcast” is the perfect watch-buddy to bounce your clues off of. Guess the next huge name to appear in each episode (Nathan Lane? Jane Fonda? Well, yes) and confirm your suspicions of who did it with the hosts. Dive into true crime from a whole different angle. Scramble to put the clues together before there’s another murder in the building with Mabel, Charles, and Oliver on “Only Murders in the Building Podcast.” Also, we hope we hear the end of Cinda Canning’s (Tina Fey’s) podcast All is Not Ok in Oklahoma. We just hope nothing happens to the dog.

Listen to ‘Only Murders in the Building Podcast’

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