Fairytales gone wrong, deception, and double lives: 7 podcasts to binge if you loved ‘Betrayal’

True Crime June 27, 2022

The popular podcast “Betrayal” is a real-life fairytale gone wrong, a cautionary story that revealed shocking truths years into a couple’s marriage and upended the lives of those involved.

Jenifer Faison reconnected with her high school sweetheart, Spencer Herron, and they married. Spencer taught high school and devastated the community when he sexually assaulted one of his students.

This launched Jenifer into her own investigation as she combed through texts and social media to learn more about the secret life her husband had been living for years. In a series of interviews throughout “Betrayal,” learn about Spencer’s life, Jenifer coming to terms with the truth, the aftermath, and Spencer’s prison sentencing.

We’ve rounded up podcasts for true crime fans of shows like “Betrayal.” Podcasts on our list delve into marriages gone wrong, reveal dark secrets, uncover double lives, and criminal behavior.

Who the (Bleep) Did I Marry?

Who the (Bleep) did I Marry?

Listen to ‘Who the (Bleep) did I Marry?’

Who the (Bleep) Did I Marry?” is the audio-only version of ID’s TV series, sharing true crime stories of happily never afters. In this series, people believed they knew their partners until they learned disturbing secrets. This series is filled with deception, crimes, murders, and more. Tune in for standalone episodes running less than 25 minutes on average.

The Teacher’s Pet

Listen to ‘The Teacher’s Pet’

From The Australian comes “The Teacher’s Pet,” an investigative series hosted by Hedley Thomas. From the outside, high school teacher Lyn and footballer Chris Dawson appeared to have a perfect marriage. They lived by Sydney’s northern beaches until Lyn went missing. Hear about twin brothers, a teenage love affair, and clues leading to murder. This case ran cold until new evidence was uncovered 36 years later.

Scorned: Love Kills podcast art

Scorned: Love Kills

Listen to ‘Scorned: Love Kills’

Scorned: Love Kills” investigates cases of love gone wrong. Tune in for stories involving betrayal, jealousy, anger, and what happens when obsession turns deadly. Each episode shares interviews from those involved in the case, law enforcement, reporters, psychologists, and more. The podcast features audio from the TV show by the same name.



Listen to ‘Dateline’

NBC’s “Dateline” shares current and classic episodes in their feed. Hear documentaries, investigations, unlikely killers, and mysteries unfold in episodes less than 90 minutes each. The TV show has been on the air for 30 seasons and continues to be a staple for true crime content.

Something Was Wrong podcast art

Something Was Wrong

Listen to ‘Something Was Wrong’

Wondery’s “Something Was Wrong” is a storytelling documentary series unpacking abusive relationships, traumatic events, the recovery process, and discoveries that will horrify listeners. Hear firsthand accounts from survivors and victims of domestic assault, physical abuse, emotional abuse, and more.

Nightmare Next Door

Listen to ‘Nightmare Next Door’

ID’s “Nightmare Next Door” goes behind white picket fences and covers true crimes in small towns. Hear about true crimes through interviews with family members, investigators, and more who were shocked by murders in their communities. This podcast is the audio-only version from ID’s TV series, with the average episode running under 45 minutes long.



Listen to ’20/20′

ABC News’ classic true crime series “20/20” has plenty of stories about unforgettable crimes, mysteries, people hiding secrets, and more. This investigative series, hosted by David Muir and Amy Robach, unravels webs of lies, false identities, a Gone Girl-style kidnapping, murders, disappearances, and more cases in episodes less than 90 minutes each.

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