6 standout podcasts to amp you up for Halloween

round up October 27, 2021

It’s somehow the end of October and we have spent all month searching for the best, the spookiest, and the Halloweeniest podcasts around. After four long weeks, we think we’ve come up with a pretty fleshed-out list of frighteningly fantastic podcasts.

We’ve got campfire stories that will send shivers down your spine, radio programs from deserted towns, Satanic Panics and American moral madness, a touch of true crime and scary movies to top it all off. So take a listen, if you dare, to this list of Podsauce’s petrifying Halloween podcasts.

Full Body Chills

Listen to ‘Full Body Chills’

From Audiochuck is Ashley Flowers’ “Full Body Chills.” Flowers, the creator of “Crime Junkie,” “Supernatural,” and “International Infamy,” tells an original campfire story every episode. Just imagine someone holding a flashlight under their chin and the smell of smoke and you’ll be right there with Flowers in “Full Body Chills.”

Unsolved Mysteries

Listen to ‘Unsolved Mysteries’

From the original creators of the television show by the same title, “Unsolved Mysteries” is presenting all new cold cases and creepy occurrences. Host Steve French is looking for answers in this Cadence13 podcast, whether it’s a mysterious death, paranormal ordeal, or killer on the loose.

American Hysteria

Listen to ‘American Hysteria’

“American Hysteria” is looking at the moral panics, conspiracy theories, and urban legends that have shaped American society and culture. From the killer clown phase to the Blair Witch hoax, children’s programming conspiracies and Disneyfication, host Chelsey Weber-Smith tells the stories that have shaped the reality we share and the reality we don’t.


Listen to ‘Treat’

From Audacy’s C13Features, “Treat” is a new supernatural podcast movie featuring Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’s Kiernan Shipka. Add it to your Halloween movie list, because things are about to get creepy in Dry Creek, Massachusetts. Allie learns of her town’s secrets when she witnesses the Halloween bus filled with sunken in, empty-eyed children. With nowhere to run, every town residents’ life is in her hands.

Welcome to Night Vale

Listen to ‘Welcome to Night Vale’

Since 2012, we’ve been receiving bi-monthly updates from the small, supernatural-riddled desert town of Night Vale. Every conspiracy theory is true and there is nowhere to hide. Listen to “Welcome to Night Vale” to catch up on what’s happening inside this strange, strange township this Halloween.

Horror Movie Talk

Listen to ‘Horror Movie Talk’

If you’re looking for movies to add to your Halloween watch list, “Horror Movie Talk” may have a suggestion or two. Every week, this podcast covers horror classics and new releases. Honest, opinionated, and unintentionally very funny, “Horror Movie Talk” is coming in clutch, bearing the brunt of the blood, guts, gore, and jump scares to give you their reviews.

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