Find out what’s on Charlamagne tha God’s podcast must-listen list

March 30, 2022

We have a fully loaded episode for you this week with the co-founder of The Black Effect Podcast Network, late-night talk show host, Radio Hall of Famer, and podcast host Charlamagne tha God. Before we get to him though, Dax and Alesha have some podcast recommendations for you.

First up, falling under our Health is Wealth umbrella is NPR’s “Life Kit.” The show is essentially one big life hack, offering advice on anything from slaying your anxiety, saving money, staying connected to long-distance friends, tackling the homework of adulthood, returning to the workplace, and so much more with experts on the subject.

Dax’s pick for this week, as a lover of all things celebrity, recommends the podcast “Beyond the Blinds.” There was once a time when blind items ruled, and this podcast all about celebrity gossip and blind items honing in on one celebrity at a time, from Jake Gyllenhaal to Jennifer Aniston. Dax was actually a recent guest on the podcast and even went to a live show in L.A., where the hosts Troy and Kelli bravely talked all about scientology, from Kirstie Alley to Tom Cruise to John Travolta.

On to the main event, Charlamagne tha God is Zooming into the Podsauce studio to talk all about his podcasts, the Black Effect Network, and the world of podcasting. Jumping right in, Charlamagne tells us that at first, he was a bit arrogant to podcasts. A friend of his kept trying to push him into podcasts, showing him shows like “The Read,” but Charlamagne figured he was already on the radio, so why did he need a podcast? He eventually gave in and started “The Brilliant Idiots” with co-host Andrew Schulz on the Loud Speaker Network.

He said what people didn’t know is that he was a part-owner of the Loud Speaker Network, so he had already been learning how podcast networks functioned. He saw other podcast networks begin to sprout, like Gimlet and The Ringer, and saw that no one was doing this specifically for Black voices. So, along with iHeartRadio (where he already worked), Charlamagne created a hub for Black voices with the Black Effect Network.

Dax asks Charlamagne for Black Effect podcasts to begin listening to now, so when they blow up people can say “I was listening to them before they were cool.” Charlamagne says that one of Podsauce’s first guests, “The Trap Nerds,” are definitely destined to grow as the comic book industry continues to thrive, as well as “We Talk Back” who he thinks will thrive once live shows return.

A podcast junkie, Charlamagne has plenty of podcast recommendations for Podsauce listeners. He listens to Matt Barnes and Steven Jackson’s’ “All The Smoke,” saying that even for people who aren’t NBA fans, it’s an amazing listen. They even hosted one of Kobe Bryant’s last interviews before his untimely death. Charlamagne is also a fan of “Dropping Gems with Devi Brown” for mental and spiritual health. He loves “Drink Champs,” commending host N.O.R.E. for making that space for himself to talk about hip hop; Charlamagne compares him to Charles Barkley and Shaq as legends in their field now providing commentary on the new generations.

He still checks back in with “The Read” regularly, as well as “WHOREible Decisions” and “We Talk Back.” Obviously he recommends “The Brilliant Idiots,” since they’ve been around for eight years now, they’re obviously doing this whole podcasting thing right.

To wrap up this amazing interview with a sweet little bow (more like an absolutely terrifying bow), Dax has an Odd Pod pick for us with BBC’s “Uncanny.” Dax says he has never been so scared by a podcast, he actually had to turn it off. “Uncanny” is a podcast all about the paranormal. Host Danny Robbins explores true ghost stories told by the people who experienced them and continue to be haunted by them, and with experts from scientists to priests, he investigates whether this was unexplainably paranormal or something with a scientific explanation.

And it’s not just ghosts – it’s demons, UFOs, and anything terrifying without reason. Anyway, as you can tell, we were just as scared as Dax while listening. So, if you’re a fan of spine-tingling horror, be sure to check out “Uncanny,” it certainly gets the job done.

Dax’s Pick

Beyond the Blinds

Beyond the Blinds
Listen to ‘Beyond the Blinds’

Odd Pod



Listen to ‘Uncanny’

Health is Wealth

Life Kit

Life Kit podcast art
Listen to ‘Life Kit’

Charlamagne tha God’s Picks

The Brilliant Idiots

Brilliant Idiots
Listen to ‘The Brilliant Idiots’

The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club podcast art
Listen to ‘The Breakfast Club’

All The Smoke

Listen to ‘All The Smoke’

Drink Champs

Drink Champs podcast art
Listen to ‘Drink Champs’

Dropping Gems with Devi Brown

Listen to ‘Dropping Gems with Devi Brown’

The Read

The Read podcast art
Listen to ‘The Read’

We Talk Back

Listen to ‘We Talk Back’

WHOREible Decisions

WHOREible Decisions podcast art
Listen to ‘WHOREible Decisions’

On Purpose with Jay Shetty

On Purpose with Jay Shetty podcast art
Listen to ‘On Purpose with Jay Shetty’

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